Monday, 28 December 2015

Liberty Sew Together Bag || Best Christmas Gift Ever

Craft Organiser Bag Liberty Print EPP Hexie Patchwork Exterior

Liberty Christmas Present Sew Together Craft Bag

Sew Together Bag view from the top

Liberty lined Sew Together bag

Liberty fabric lining Sew Together bag Sew demented

Third Liberty fabric pockets sew together bag by sew demented

Second Liberty fabric pockets sew together bag by sew demented

Liberty fabric pockets sew together bag by sew demented

Side view of the sew together craft tool bag by sew demented

Base view of the Sew Together Bag Hexie Patchwork

Most people would recognise this pattern as the Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented!

When the pattern was released, mum made one for herself and I drooled all over it, but never thought for a second that I could make one for myself! I dread anything to do with zips and this has FOUR (argh!). So I hinted that maybe this might be a good Christmas present... and TAH DAH!!

The English-Paper-Pieced hexie patchwork was a special treat made using my new blue/red stash that I picked up in The Strawberry Thief's recent destash on IG.

I got to choose the lining fabrics, which were a mix of Liberty prints from both The Strawberry Thief and Materialise Your Life. And the final pops of colour came from the zipper colours! So many unique ways to customise this truly unique pattern.

If you haven't tried the pattern, I would recommend giving this one a go - or begging someone with better than beginner sewing skills to make one for you (skeehee). The bag itself has been really handy. It sits right next to my machine holding everything I need. And when the kids are in bed and I want to watch a bit of telly whilst stitching, I just take the whole bag with me. Super handy!

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  1. Gorgeous sew together bag! Such pretty fabrics!