Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Liberty Advent Calendars For The Kids

Liberty fabric squares cut for pockets
Liberty squares cut for pockets || Rhapsody and Thread

DMC Cottons for the Advent calendar pocket numbers
DMC Colour Palette for the Pocket Numbers || Rhapsody and Thread
hand-embroidered numbers for the advent calendar pockets
Hand-embroidered Numbers || Rhapsody and Thread

Hand-embroidered numbers advent calendar pockets
Hand-embroidered Numbers for the Pockets || Rhapsody and Thread

hand-stitched numbers on advent calendar pockets
Numbers hand-stitched on red linen for Logan's pockets || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty advent calendar pockets lined up
Logan's Advent Calendar has red linen pockets with Liberty fabric lining || Rhapsody and Thread

Hand-stitched numbers ready for stitching on Liberty pockets
Hand-stitched numbers ready for stitching on Isla's Liberty pockets || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty Advent Calendar pockets hand-embroidered numbers
Isla's Advent Calendar pockets are Liberty fabric front with red linen interior || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty advent calendar pockets stitched in place
Pockets sewn to linen backing flag || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty Advent Calendar Running Stitch Feature
Running stitch grid || Rhapsody and Thread

Christmas fabric
Backing fabric from Spotlight

Liberty Christmas advent calendars on display
Finished Advent Calendars || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty Christmas Advent Calendars with Elephant Doll
Liberty Christmas Elephant with finished Advent Calendars
Logan's on the left / Isla's on the right || Rhapsody and Thread
So I'm one of those people who wishes it was Christmas all year round. I just love it. The bright colours, the cheer, the excuse to make beautiful things... like I need one. A couple of years ago, I made personalised Christmas stockings for the family and a big Liberty Christmas Hoop Tree to decorate the entry. My babies were still too young then, but this year will be different. Logan is learning to count and Isla has a pretty good understanding of Christmas - but no concept of time. So I think advent calendars will be perfect this Christmas. 

I found this design on Molly Flanders Blog. Here's a picture of the original, isn't it lovely!
I changed it up a little bit, I'm sure she won't mind.

As you can see, the original is much more neutral whilst still maintaining the focus on the Liberty. And the sweet hand-stitching (a feature that bumped me over the edge when deciding which calendar pattern to try) really pops on the linen.

I maintained a lot of the same features, like the beautiful pockets and hanging-banner style. But as it's a calendar for the kids, I wanted to add a few more pops of colour. I also couldn't find this handy number fabric so I decided to hand-embroider the numbers on the pockets (don't recommend if you're short on time!). All of the hand-stitching took a lot longer than I hoped, so I didn't get to personalise them. That'll be a project for next Christmas!! As it is, it's the 1st of December and I've got so much to do now before Christmas, I don't think I'd get them done this year. 

Happy Christmas Crafting

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