Saturday, 4 January 2014

Baby Bloomers In Action

I cannot believe it is 2014 already! Christmas flew right past in a blur and time is still flying past me as I busily make cute little outfits for my new shop - due to open as soon as I can possibly manage to tick off my seemingly endless list of things to do!

And my babies will have their first combined birthday (born on the same day) together this year. It's going to be a very busy first few months!

Anyway, here is a sneaky peek at what I've been up to. See the adorable bloomers that Isla is wearing here at Kings Park today? I'm loving making them and they look amazing!

They will be available alone or with matching applique'd singlets (perfect for our warm summer weather). There will also be funky little tops that would look super cute matched up. And I'm making dresses! So exciting.

Better get on with it! xx