Saturday, 16 May 2015

My Desk - It's Time For A Change

I think it's important to freshen up your workspace regularly.
For the last few months, I've been working on Liberty Log Cabin Cushions, and my desk (and floor) have become covered in Liberty of all shapes and sizes. Not that I'm complaining, because how beautiful is this mess!?!

Liberty fabric stash by Rhapsody and Thread
Liberty fabric stash
I completed six and wanted to finish them completely before moving on to more.
So I organised my scraps into colours in these simple pots from IKEA Perth.
Liberty fabric stash by Rhapsody and Thread
Liberty fabric stash
Liberty fabric stash by Rhapsody and Thread
Liberty fabric stash
I totally flipped my desk around to face the wall (and tv). Mostly so that the light from the window shines on my desk. I hate working in the dark and it's more of a problem in the winter months. It's also very difficult to take clear pictures. So fingers crossed this move works. Oh and I'm thrilled to be able to utilise the wall to display all my favourite things.
I hung a massive hoop with gorgeous new Liberty 'Oxford' print.
Underneath I hung my first and fave Liberty Bow Garland in 'John' print.
The circus print is one I pinched from a kids puzzle box. I just love anything circus.
I folded and piled up my Liberty all neat and tidy. Should be interesting to see how long it stays like that.
I added my two favourite prints by Tall Blank Wall - both mounts framed in Liberty 'Strawberry Thief' and 'Garden Wonderland'. More frames available here in my Etsy shop.
The 'Love' Banner is from Captain Co. Tasmania.
The Felt Ball Garland is from Little Rosie and Me.
I just love handmade.
Rhapsody and Threads Desk
The cleanest my desk will ever look from this day forward
Rhapsody and Thread
Now it's time to finish these Liberty Log Cabin Cushions.
Liberty Log Cabin Patchwork Cushion Fronts
Liberty Log Cabin Cushion Fronts

Liberty Picture Frame

Liberty 'Garden Wonderland' Picture Mount (Rhapsody and Thread) surrounding First Think Print (Tall Blank Wall)

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the very talented Claire at Tall Blank Wall.
Her prints are both inspiring and stylish.
This is one I bought myself, to have on my desk as a reminder to believe in myself. And I couldn't resist framing it in this gorgeously bright and fun Liberty Art Fabric print 'Garden Wonderland'.
I asked Isla to repeat after me: "You must always believe in your yourself".
My hope is that she never forgets xx


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Operation: Spoil Mum For Mothers Day


This is a look back at all the treats I made mum for Mothers Day.


Of course Liberty was involved, with gusto!! I even tracked down coffee mugs from Kitchenware Direct because they have the most beautiful Strawberry Thief print on it. I know it's a William Morris print, but it's also a Liberty Art Fabric print - and one of our favourites. See below.


I also wanted to make something new for mum for Mothers Day. She has seen the picture mounts and the cushions that I make. And she loves Betsy print - so I made her a cushion in pink Betsy print. I also made her a Liberty Picture Mount in teal Betsy. I'll show you below.
But I wanted to make something different, something she didn't already have. So I searched fabric basket tutorials and came across this sweet little Gathered Basket pattern on A Spoonful Of Sugar Designs. The pattern was fun and easy to follow. I made this sample below for myself first to check the size and simplicity of the pattern. I chose Liberty print Gallymoggers in pink for the outside, and Garden Wonderland for the inside. I chose them because they match the candy stripe ribbon that I've been saving for yeeeeeears!
So perfect, I just had to make more! So I decided on two large and one small. I picked Betsy prints for the insides and coordinating colours/prints for the outsides.
Then I was hooked! I had to go bigger! So I searched for "buckets" and came across this great Fabric Buckets Tutorial on Apartment Apothecary. Mum and I actually worked on these together. She created this Liberty Strawberry Thief bucket (not sure of the details for the overhang fabric) and I made one out of my treasured Liberty Marina Seaflower print with Liberty Ciara fabric overhang. The tutorial was easy to follow and didn't take long at all. I think it took longer to decide on which Liberty prints to use! LOL
Here's a shot of the Betsy Liberty Picture Mount I made mum, to frame this beautiful watercolour print I found on Etsy via TeaDesigns1. The quote from movie The Help have always, and will always, be meaningful.
So a happy Liberty-filled Mothers Day bundle for mum!
My Mothers Day gift for mum 2015
And an extra-special Mothers Day bundle for me. Enough Liberty to make me want to squeal. But even more magical is that little glass bottle of sand that my baby girl made at school. What a beautiful surprise it was to pick her up at school and see the look of excitement on her face. That was the best gift I received this year.
My mothers day bundle 2015


Friday, 8 May 2015

Beauty Is In The Frame

'Betsy' Liberty Art Fabric Picture Mount
Covered in beautifully bright Liberty Art Fabric, these A4 picture mounts are perfect for surrounding your pictures with vibrant colour. Try a black and white print, or something colour-coordinated like the combo above. The print was a freebie to all Tickle The Imagination magazine newsletter subscribers last month. Matches that beautiful Betsy print perfectly.
Buy your own here in my Etsy store. Only AU$30.00 plus postage.
Custom orders welcome if you'd like a particular print or want to match a colour scheme.
See below for available mounts.
Liberty Art Fabric Picture Mounts - Print names clockwise from top left: Pinky, Betsy, Mauvey, Gemma
Liberty Art Fabric Picture Mounts - Print names clockwise from top left: Betsy, Mauvey, John, Poppy & Honesty
Liberty Art Fabric Picture Mounts - Print names clockwise from top left: Strawberry Thief, Phoebe, Pepper, Charles