Saturday, 13 June 2015

Liberty, Unicorns and Rainbow Make For A Little Girls Paradise

I just have to share pictures of this gorgeous unicorn doll that I finished making for my unicorn-crazy-daughter Isla today. The pattern is Dolls and Daydreams. I think I've found my next obsession! There are so many gorgeous dolls to try. The elephant is definitely up next!!
So here she is. We named her Skyla Unicorn. Her sweet little body and crown are made up in Liberty Art Fabric - Garden Wonderland print. I wrapped her horn in gold wool, and tipped it to the side a bit for something different.
Liberty Print Unicorn Doll Handmade in Australia Laura Blythman Toucan Print Sonny Angels
Skyla Unicorn, handmade with Liberty fabric - seen sitting here next to Laura Blythman's Toucan print.
I couldn't wait to see the look on Isla's face, and it was worth all the hard work. Her face lit up like the sun and she asked if that was her unicorn. She was absolutely thrilled and cuddled her for hours.
Skyla Unicorn, handmade with Liberty fabric - seen sitting here next to Laura Blythman's Toucan print.
Liberty Print Unicorn Doll Islas New Softie Rainbow Room Liberty Bedhead Flora Flamingo By CastleHandmade Ava Unicorn By Ladedah Kids Print Tall Blank Wall Feather Crown Rainbows and Whimsy Adairs Canvas Prints Liberty Art Fabric Patchwork Cushions Harlequin Quilt
Love at first sight.
Liberty Print Unicorn Doll Garden Wonderland Libertygram Crochet Unicorn Ladedah Kids Flora Flamingo Castle Handmade Girls Toy Interior Rainbow Room Decor Handmade
Sitting with her new friends
Here's a picture of the view of Isla's bed and her wall on this side of the room. To say we love to display our favourite things is an understatement! There's plenty of unicorn love here. The sweet little crochet unicorn is from Ladedah Kids. I made a wall decal of a unicorn for Isla several weeks ago from Liberty Art Fabric print Kayoko. There's printed unicorn pictures from the internet and a gorgeous picture that Isla's nanna drew for her to decorate.

Also on the wall, from the left, is a Love Banner from Captain & Co. Tasmania. I made the bunting from triangles left-over from Isla's harlequin quilt. The canvas prints are from Adairs. The "Just The Way You Are" print is from Tall Blank Wall. It is hanging from a Down To The Woods Cloud Hanger, with a Rainbows and Whimsy Feather Crown perched on top. To the far right is a Zilvi Heart Dreamer. And at the very top is a flower that Isla made at school.

On the bed is a bunch of Liberty fabric cushions - more available in my Rhapsody and Thread online store. The crochet flamingo is the beautiful work of Castle Handmade.

Both quilts are my handiwork. The harlequin quilt was a project I tackled to compliment the Liberty Art Fabric print Small Susannah that I used to cover the bedhead. I'm a big fan of harlequin and couldn't resist adding such a huge splash of colour to Isla's room. And the quilt at the bottom of the bed is Isla's first quilt and my first ever patchwork project. I wanted to showcase my favourite Liberty print Marina Seaflower. I chose a pattern that looked like the print would be framed and surrounded by a wider variety of Liberty prints. It will be treasured forever.

Rainbow Girls Room Interior Decor Barnrum Colour Harlequin Patchwork Bunting Love Banner Captain Co Canvas Prints Adairs Print Tall Blank Wall Feather Crown Rainbows and Whimsy Zilvi Dreamer
Islas handmade quilts and unicorn collection
And this is the view of the other side of Isla's bedroom. There is so much love for Australian handmade in that picture!!

The Liberty Bow Garland is available in a wide range of Liberty prints in my Rhapsody and Thread online store. The felt ball garland hanging underneath is Little Rosie and Me. The "IslaSkye" wall hanging is a gold mirror by Arlo and Co. The Liberty Cloud Mobile is Little Puddles. The Gold Heart Wall Hanging is also available in my Rhapsody and Thread online store. The stunning Harlequin Dress and Pom Pom Tutu hanging on the dresser are both Rock Your Baby. The Toucan Print on top of the dresser is Laura Blythman. My hubby made the house shadow box for me so that I could store special trinkets such as Isla's first baby Sketchers and her gorgeous Feather Crown from Rainbows and Whimsy.

The gigantic print is Helen Dardik, which I purchased from Ollie Rose Online. The Lion Face cushion on the chair is Dias Delana in Madrid, Spain. The chair and the dolls bed are repainted Ikea pieces. And on the floor is a felt ball rug available from Little Rosie and Me.

Rainbow Girls Room Decor Interior Wall Art Helen Dardik Rhapsody and Thread Liberty Bow Garland Felt Ball Garland Rug Little Rosie and Me Arlo and Co Mirror Little Puddles Liberty Cloud Heart Banner Laura Blythman Toucan Print

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