Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Isla's Unicornia Quilt {Progress} || Pattern by Claire Turpin Designs

Isla standing next to her new unicorn quilt

Isla dancing in front of her new unicorn quilt

Isla standing in front of her new Liberty print Unicornia Quilt, pattern by claire turpin designs

Closeup of Unicorn quilt on the bed

Unicorn quilt on the bed with dolls sitting on top

Isla squealing over her quilt

Rainbow bedroom girls decor

Isla jumping on the bed

Girls dolls by Rhapsody and Thread, pattern by Dolls and Daydreams

Isla cuddling her dolls

Girls Unicorns and Rainbows Bedroom

I can't explain how thrilled I am to see how this border worked out! I'm a terrible procrastinator at the best of times - but that's when I have lots of great options and I can't pick my favourite. This time, I couldn't find a single print that I liked! I found the blocks to be so busy and colourful that nothing seemed to match. And my other battle was that I had originally planned on making Isla a more pastel/quieter quilt compared to her last rainbow triangle quilt. I fell in love with the gorgeous border on Claire's original - it's a white fabric with tiny grey dots. See it here. Claire had used it throughout the quilt blocks and then on the borders, and it balances the design so beautifully. I followed the same direction using a white with grey words in the same blocks, but it just didn't work as a border! 

So, I ditched my pastel ideas and chose that stunning Plummy Metallic print by Cotton And Steel, purchased from Carols of Midland. It is the opposite of pastel, don't you think? I can't help myself, and it just looks perfect in her room against her Liberty bedhead (see first pics above).

Useful Links
Unicornia Quilt Pattern by Claire Turpin Designs 
Fabrics from Carols of Midland 
Liberty fabrics from The Strawberry Thief and Materialise Your Life 
Rhapsody Dolls from Rhapsody and Thread 
Polka Dot Cloud pillow from Kmart 
Unicorn Painting by Courtney King 
Dream Even Bigger banner by Zilvi 
Liberty Bow Garland by Rhapsody and Thread 
Unicorn banner by Little Olive and Co 
Mirror Name by Arlo and Co

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Isla's Unicornia Quilt {Progress} || Pattern by Claire Turpin Designs

I couldn't resist this Unicornia quilt pattern by Claire Turpin Designs, and I'm so glad I didn't. It was so fun to make, and I loved choosing the Liberty prints for each unicorn. I especially loved creating the rainbows.

I feel like I must note though, for those interested in making this quilt, as perfect as I think it is, Isla's quilt is not exactly like the original. I feel like it's important to mention that - especially if you're using my pictures as a reference. Think of mine more as inspiration and follow Claire's pattern better than I did (giggle)!

Most importantly, despite the minor differences, Isla is thrilled. She couldn't wait to line up her unicorn friends in front of it and have a picture with ALL of her new unicorns. I think it's possible that I was glowing with pride.

Now for the borders, quilting and binding!!



Friday, 15 January 2016

Isla's Unicornia Quilt {Progress} || Pattern by Claire Turpin Designs

Unicornia Quilt Block 1 hanging with Liberty Deer Doll
Liberty fabric unicorn sleeping on the moon block
Liberty Unicorn and butterfly quilt block
Unicornia Quilt Blocks || Pattern by Claire Turpin Designs
Liberty Triangles Patchwork beside Purple Unicorn applique
Liberty unicorn quilt blocks hanging above dolls
Closeup of rainbow and unicorn appliquw]
Two unicorns talking quilt applique block
Unicornia Quilt Blocks || Pattern by Claire Turpin Designs
Sewing the blocks together today was a tiny bit stressful as I made a couple of mistakes when cutting (whoops). And I had forgotten to add a butterfly - see the last picture?! Isn't she pretty?
But easily fixed and overall the blocks look amazing! I love how the colours compliment each other so perfectly.
This pattern is Claire Turpin Designs > Unicornia Quilt.
Liberty fabrics are from Materialise Your Life and The Strawberry Thief.
Remaining fabrics are from Carols Of Midland.
Now to join the blocks!!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

ROOAARR New Dinosaur Softie For Logie Rex

This Christmas break has given me the opportunity to try a whole bunch of new patterns that I've been thinking about all year. This is the Dinosaur Softie - pattern by Dolls and Daydreams. He was SO easy to make!!! I would highly recommend this pattern for anyone, with beginners sewing skills, wanting to make a boys softie. Sarah's patterns are easy to follow and her photo instructions are the best!!

Find this Dinosaur pattern and plenty more here.

Happy sewing



Saturday, 9 January 2016

Isla's Unicornia Quilt {Progress} || Pattern by Claire Turpin Designs

Half way through the appliqué and I can't decide if I love the unicorns or the rainbows more! Adding the eyes to the unicorns has added personality too.

Just keep going, just keep going...

Unicornia Quilt Pattern || Claire Turpin Designs


Thursday, 7 January 2016

NEW Star Cushion || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty Gold star cushion

Elephant Doll sitting in front of Liberty Gold Star Cushion

Close-up of liberty gold star cushion

Girls decor star cushion

I'm so excited about this new design that will be available for custom order when I reopen on February 1st 2016! Choose from a huge range of Liberty prints AND I've got gold AND silver!! I may even be able to source copper.
Very exciting!


Nursery Dreaming for Throw Back Thursday

Watching 2015 end had me looking back at some of my favourite moments for Rhapsody and Thread in 2015. This was one of them, when I pretended for a day that I had a baby girl again. I decorated Isla's old cot with a bunch of gorgeous goodies from Adairs. The cot quilt and little throw pillow were the result of a collaboration with Rebecca Judd. So stylish and unlike anything that was around when I was looking for baby bedding! I think the watermelon nightlight was part of the colab too! So fun!! The knit cushion and blanket, also from Adairs, were SO soft and snuggly. The colours were just perfect for styling my Elephant Dolls.

So this top image actually shows off the Sleeping Angel Elephant that I made for my great-nan after she passed away a few months ago. She wore that dusky pink colour a lot, and I added a halo and wings to my usual Elephant pattern. I also added a kind of cape so that I could hang her on the wall. I was hoping to create a sense that she was watching over us. She still hangs in the play room and I always think of my nan when I see her there.

The Sleeping Angel Elephants will be released in 2016.

Image by Rhapsody and Thread

The sweet image is of Miss Chive. Still currently available in my Big Cartel Store.

Liberty Elephant Doll by Rhapsody and Thread

Miss Pelagia Ballerina, also still available.

Liberty Elephant Doll by Rhapsody and Thread

Miss Chive Ballerina, available via custom order.

Liberty Elephant Dolls by Rhapsody and Thread

Here they are snuggled up together.

Liberty Elephant Dolls by Rhapsody and Thread

Elephant Dolls will be available for custom order when I reopen my virtual doors on Feb 1st 2016.

My Elephant Dolls are made from an Original Dolls and Daydreams® Pattern.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

{Progress} Unicornia Quilt for Isla Skye || Rhapsody and Thread

Collection of Liberty Fabric and Kona Cotton for Unicornia Quilt

Choosing fabrics was SO MUCH FUN!
We chose the plain and coloured quilting weight cotton fabrics from Carols of Midland. The Liberty fabrics came from a range of places including ShaukatThe Strawberry Thief and Materialise Your Life.

Deciding which prints to put where was more challenging, but watching the pattern pieces come together was fantastic! Mum helped me. I think we had The Proposal on the telly, and we traced and ironed and cut for hours!

Then placing the pattern pieces on the blocks was really fun! Don't they look beautiful!

Rainbow Liberty Pattern pieces for Unicornia Quilt Pattern by Claire Turpin DesignsTwo unicorns talking quilt block with Liberty fabric tails
purple Dancing unicorn applique with Liberty hair

Now to start the applique process... my poor back... haha


Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Liberty Keepsake Doll || Rhapsody and Thread

Hand painted and hand embroidered faces to compare
Hand-painted vs hand-embroidered face || Rhapsody and Thread
Kawaii Doll Face Pattern || Dolls and Daydreams

Hand-stitched name on dolls leg
Personalisation is standard with my Liberty Keepsake Dolls || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty Keepsake Doll Betsy fabric with hand embroidered face made from dolls and daydreams pattern
Liberty Keepsake Dolls are 45cm/18" tall || Rhapsody and Thread
Doll Pattern || Dolls and Daydreams

Liberty Keepsake Doll Betsy fabric with hand embroidered face made from dolls and daydreams pattern
Bow can be placed in the hair or styled like an headband || Rhapsody and Thread
Doll Pattern || Dolls and Daydreams

Close-up of hand-embroidered face and Liberty fabric flutter sleeves
Flutter sleeves || Rhapsody and Thread
Doll Pattern || Dolls and Daydreams

Doll sitting on a shelf next to a picture frame
100% Handmade using Liberty Art Fabric and premium cotton || Rhapsody and Thread
Doll Pattern || Dolls and Daydreams
Miss Betsy
For Isla Skye
Love mummy xx

Note: This Liberty Keepsake Doll will be available for custom order when I reopen my online store here on February 1st 2016. A variety of Liberty fabrics and coloured cottons will be available to completely customise your own dolls hair and body.. Why not try pink hair with a beautiful pink floral Liberty like Alice or Chive? Or lemon coloured hair and blue eyes! 

See you on Feb 1st!