Sunday, 18 May 2014

Meet My Mum

I want to introduce my mum, Marina.
She is my best friend and mentor, and I'm excited to have her help with the quilting side of things for Rhapsody and Thread. I have been so busy making clothes that I haven't had time to finish the Liberty Baby Patchwork Quilts I started last year. I also wasn't sure if I wanted to add them to my shops. But I recently decided to integrate Liberty fabric into my outfits - so it makes sense to add the quilts as well. They are so gorgeous.
Mum is a brilliant quilter, and especially loves applique, so we can look forward to seeing some artistic flair added to each quilt.
At this early stage, mum is busy finishing the backing and binding of the quilts I made last year. And she is designing appliques to jazz up some simpler designs I made up.
I can't wait to show these to everyone.
I will also be showing off her work as she continues with her own projects. I'm so proud of her.
I'll be starting with the amazing job she did recreating the Green Tea And Sweet Beans Quilt designed by Jen Kingwell. I'll do that in a separate post though.
xx Tabatha