Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A Year Of Liberty || Product Highlights From 2015

Group shot of Elephant Dolls cushions and bow garlands
Liberty Elephant Dolls || Bow Garlands || Cushions || Rhapsody and Thread
Elephant Doll sitting next to a flower and print
Miss Lodden || Liberty Elephant Doll || Rhapsody and Thread
I Know print by Tall Blank Wall
Closeup Liberty Patchwork Cushion Alice in Wonderland Characters Girls Decor Interiors Gallymoggers
Liberty Cushions || Rhapsody and Thread
Pink Purple Cot Display
Liberty Bow Garland || Cushions || Rhapsody and Thread
Closeup Patchwork Cushion showing hidden Elephant
Liberty Cushions || Rhapsody and Thread
Closeup Patchwork Cushion Detail showing Liberty Betsy and Queue For The Zoo Print
Liberty Cushions || Rhapsody and Thread
Unique Gift Idea Patchwork Cushion in pink Liberty Art Fabric
Liberty Cushions || Rhapsody and Thread
Bright Colourful Patchwork Cushion made using Liberty Art Fabrics
Liberty Cushions || Rhapsody and Thread
Two Colourful Liberty Cushions On a Cot with Rainbow Bunting Hanging On the Wall
Liberty Bow Garland || Cushions || Rhapsody and Thread
Close-up Bright Colourful Liberty Print Mauvey Bow Garland Bunting Girls Wall Hanging
Liberty Bow Garland || Rhapsody and Thread
Display of Four Liberty Cushions and Bow Garland
Liberty Bow Garland || Cushions || Rhapsody and Thread
Rainbow Room Bow Floral Garland Girls Decor
Liberty Bow Garland || Rhapsody and Thread
Floral Bunting Liberty Art Fabric Girls Wall Bedroom Decor
Liberty Bow Garland || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty Patchwork Cushions Displayed on Baby Cot Bow Garland Bunting
Liberty Bow Garland || Cushions || Rhapsody and Thread
Close-up Liberty Ciara Handmade Bow
Liberty Bow Garland || Rhapsody and Thread
Liberty Print Girls Bow Garland Wall Bunting Purple PinkDecor
Liberty Bow Garland || Rhapsody and Thread
Purple Liberty Print Bow Garland Girls Wall Decor
Liberty Bow Garland || Rhapsody and Thread
Hot Pink Nursery Wall Decor Liberty Print
Liberty Bow Garland || Rhapsody and Thread
Pink Bow Garland Girls Wall Hanging Decor
Liberty Bow Garland || Rhapsody and Thread
Close-up view of Liberty Bow
Liberty Bow Garland || Rhapsody and Thread
Ballerina Doll Girls Gift Idea
Miss Chive Ballerina || Liberty Elephant Doll || Rhapsody and Thread
Liberty Chive Elephant Doll with matching bow
Miss Chive || Liberty Elephant Doll || Rhapsody and Thread
Hand-embroidered face of Liberty Elephant Doll
Miss Pelagia Ballerina || Liberty Elephant Doll || Rhapsody and Thread
Liberty Elephant Dolls Sitting Together
Liberty Elephant Dolls || Rhapsody and Thread

Monday, 28 December 2015

Liberty Sew Together Bag || Best Christmas Gift Ever

Craft Organiser Bag Liberty Print EPP Hexie Patchwork Exterior

Liberty Christmas Present Sew Together Craft Bag

Sew Together Bag view from the top

Liberty lined Sew Together bag

Liberty fabric lining Sew Together bag Sew demented

Third Liberty fabric pockets sew together bag by sew demented

Second Liberty fabric pockets sew together bag by sew demented

Liberty fabric pockets sew together bag by sew demented

Side view of the sew together craft tool bag by sew demented

Base view of the Sew Together Bag Hexie Patchwork

Most people would recognise this pattern as the Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented!

When the pattern was released, mum made one for herself and I drooled all over it, but never thought for a second that I could make one for myself! I dread anything to do with zips and this has FOUR (argh!). So I hinted that maybe this might be a good Christmas present... and TAH DAH!!

The English-Paper-Pieced hexie patchwork was a special treat made using my new blue/red stash that I picked up in The Strawberry Thief's recent destash on IG.

I got to choose the lining fabrics, which were a mix of Liberty prints from both The Strawberry Thief and Materialise Your Life. And the final pops of colour came from the zipper colours! So many unique ways to customise this truly unique pattern.

If you haven't tried the pattern, I would recommend giving this one a go - or begging someone with better than beginner sewing skills to make one for you (skeehee). The bag itself has been really handy. It sits right next to my machine holding everything I need. And when the kids are in bed and I want to watch a bit of telly whilst stitching, I just take the whole bag with me. Super handy!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

NEW Unicornia Quilt Pattern by Claire Turpin Designs

Unicornia Quilt Pattern by Claire Turpin Designs

I couldn't resist this gorgeous new quilt pattern "Unicornia" by Claire Turpin Designs
Isla is cah-razy about unicorns. You might remember the Unicorn Doll I made her last year. Here's a link to that post. So adorable... I may have even made her another one a couple of weeks ago... Eep!

Of course I didn't factor in what a huge project this would be as I don't make a lot of quilts. Well actually, I've only ever made two. Both for Isla. And I cringe when I think about taking off the last one that I worked so hard on, but the look on her face is just going to make all of that worthwhile.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Liberty Christmas Hoop Tree || To Be Included in Liberty of London's 140th Birthday Commemorative Book

Styled Photo of Liberty Christmas Hoop Tree for Magazine
Liberty Christmas Hoop Art Tree || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty Christmas Tree Hoop Art
Liberty Christmas Tree Hoop Art || Rhapsody and Thread

Closeup Christmas Baubles Hoop Art Decoration
Liberty Christmas Baubles Hoop Art || Rhapsody and Thread

Closeup Liberty Christmas Star Hoop Art Handmade
Liberty Christmas Star Hoop Art || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty Christmas Hoop Tree Hanging Styled Decorations
Liberty Christmas Hoop Tree || Rhapsody and Thread

Instagram picture gallery of Liberty Christmas Tree Photos and Congratulations
IG Picture Gallery

So the most amazing thing happened as you can see!!

Earlier this year, Liberty London put the call out on Instagram for fans to share their Liberty creations, and I shared a few (couldn't choose just one... how could I?) but this Christmas Hoop Tree is by far my most unique and treasured creation. I made it a few years ago - before I knew how to sew and my favourite hobby was embroidery and hoop art. 

And in November, I was tagged with a congratulations that my entry/creation had been chosen to be featured with others in the 140th Birthday Commemorative Book!!! To say I'm excited and can't wait to receive a copy of this book is an unbelievably huge understatement.

Liberty fabrics were purchased from Calico & Ivy in Mosman Park, Western Australia.
Designed and produced by me / Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty Advent Calendars For The Kids

Liberty fabric squares cut for pockets
Liberty squares cut for pockets || Rhapsody and Thread

DMC Cottons for the Advent calendar pocket numbers
DMC Colour Palette for the Pocket Numbers || Rhapsody and Thread
hand-embroidered numbers for the advent calendar pockets
Hand-embroidered Numbers || Rhapsody and Thread

Hand-embroidered numbers advent calendar pockets
Hand-embroidered Numbers for the Pockets || Rhapsody and Thread

hand-stitched numbers on advent calendar pockets
Numbers hand-stitched on red linen for Logan's pockets || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty advent calendar pockets lined up
Logan's Advent Calendar has red linen pockets with Liberty fabric lining || Rhapsody and Thread

Hand-stitched numbers ready for stitching on Liberty pockets
Hand-stitched numbers ready for stitching on Isla's Liberty pockets || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty Advent Calendar pockets hand-embroidered numbers
Isla's Advent Calendar pockets are Liberty fabric front with red linen interior || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty advent calendar pockets stitched in place
Pockets sewn to linen backing flag || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty Advent Calendar Running Stitch Feature
Running stitch grid || Rhapsody and Thread

Christmas fabric
Backing fabric from Spotlight

Liberty Christmas advent calendars on display
Finished Advent Calendars || Rhapsody and Thread

Liberty Christmas Advent Calendars with Elephant Doll
Liberty Christmas Elephant with finished Advent Calendars
Logan's on the left / Isla's on the right || Rhapsody and Thread
So I'm one of those people who wishes it was Christmas all year round. I just love it. The bright colours, the cheer, the excuse to make beautiful things... like I need one. A couple of years ago, I made personalised Christmas stockings for the family and a big Liberty Christmas Hoop Tree to decorate the entry. My babies were still too young then, but this year will be different. Logan is learning to count and Isla has a pretty good understanding of Christmas - but no concept of time. So I think advent calendars will be perfect this Christmas. 

I found this design on Molly Flanders Blog. Here's a picture of the original, isn't it lovely!
I changed it up a little bit, I'm sure she won't mind.

As you can see, the original is much more neutral whilst still maintaining the focus on the Liberty. And the sweet hand-stitching (a feature that bumped me over the edge when deciding which calendar pattern to try) really pops on the linen.

I maintained a lot of the same features, like the beautiful pockets and hanging-banner style. But as it's a calendar for the kids, I wanted to add a few more pops of colour. I also couldn't find this handy number fabric so I decided to hand-embroider the numbers on the pockets (don't recommend if you're short on time!). All of the hand-stitching took a lot longer than I hoped, so I didn't get to personalise them. That'll be a project for next Christmas!! As it is, it's the 1st of December and I've got so much to do now before Christmas, I don't think I'd get them done this year. 

Happy Christmas Crafting