Sunday, 22 December 2013

Liberty Christmas Stockings For The Whole Family

Liberty Fabric Christmas Stockings by Rhapsody and Thread

Can anyone else believe Christmas is in 3 days? I know I can't!

What a year we have had, with the birth of our son and all the joy that comes with raising young babies. This blog has been my 'time out' and I've been lucky enough to finish 3 beautiful Christmas craft projects. I made the Embroidery Hoop Christmas Tree pictured above and blogged about here. I also made Isla's Christmas Tree T-Shirt for her toddler Christmas party (tutorial can be found here). And then I made these gorgeous Christmas stockings for the whole family.

I had hoped to do more projects, and I even got part way through a table runner and an advent calendar.... but I realised a few weeks ago that I had to focus on getting the Christmas stockings done - otherwise Santa would have nothing to load up for the kids. And it's a gooooooooooood thing I did, because they took a lot longer than I thought they would. What doesn't when you've got babies right?

So here's the fabric I got from Calico & Ivy back in early November.

Liberty Fabric Christmas Stockings (fabric pile) by Rhapsody and Thread

The fabric is the beautiful soft Liberty of London tana lawn and I don't know the name of the print on the far left - but the next along with the big flowers is Garla. I picked that one for my Christmas stocking because I love the colours and the big floral pattern. Next along is Emma and Georgina and I picked it for Isla because of the smaller pretty floral pattern. And lastly for Logan, on the far right, is the Reuben print. I love this print because it looks like streamers and the colours are still a bit masculine.

It's funny but I can't even remember where I got my template from... ah ha, I just remembered. It's kind of a funny story that I'm sure some people can relate to?! Years ago I bought 2 cross-stitch Christmas stocking kits online from America. It was before I had kids and had a lot more time and space to leave craft projects lying around, ready to be picked up and continued whenever. But these kits were tougher than I thought they would be. Mine was a snow scene and there was so many shades of blue and white. It was hard to keep track and I got bored easily. Needless to say, they got ignored year after year until we started our family. Last year I vowed that I would have Christmas stockings for the whole family by Christmas 2013. And so I said goodbye to my partially completed cross-stitch kits and I used the stocking templates from the kit to make my fabric ones. Here are the Liberty fabrics cut-out.

Liberty Fabric Christmas Stockings by Rhapsody and Thread

I used 100% linen on the tops and backs, and used red Kona Cotton from Carols of Midland for the linings and applique lettering. Mum helped me out with the applique - using her spoofy Pfaff machine to stitch the letters on. That saved me a lot of time.

And here are the completed stockings! Hubby, me, ratbag #1, and ratbag #2!

Liberty Fabric Christmas Stockings by Rhapsody and Thread

And then there's Nanna! I was half way through cutting out the templates when I realised that Nanna needs a stocking too! Something pretty to hold scotch and chocolates. And of course, I snagged her favourite Liberty print at Calico & Ivy - the red Betsy Ann!

Liberty Fabric Christmas Stockings by Rhapsody and Thread

So yeah, I got there in the end. And I can't wait to see what Santa fills them with! I hung them on the hall table near the front door so that he can find them easily ;o)

Liberty Fabric Christmas Stockings by Rhapsody and Thread

Merry Christmas x


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