Wednesday, 26 March 2014

To Logan, On Your First Birthday

To my little Logie-Bear,

Let's not even start with what a year it has been. What a March 2014 it has been. It was exactly 24 days and 12 hours ago that you burned your beautiful soft chubby little hands on the steam vaporiser in your bedroom and turned our hearts and world upside down. You were so brave and so strong and never changed from the amazing little man that you have always been. You continued to charm everyone around you. You still loved us more than 100% even when we felt like we didn't 100% deserve it. Because of you, we all came through this stronger and more aware of how lucky we are to still have you with us.

You had a wonderful first year my little man.

You met your big sister.

You had your first Easter.

You had your first trip to the pub.

I just couldn't resist sharing this photo.

Or this one.

You had your 1st hair cut.

And your 1st Christmas.

And today you had your 1st birthday!

You have the most incredible personality. Already so friendly and so full of life. Your sister loves you so much and is learning to share her toys with you. You follow her around everywhere and I think (secretly) she loves it. I love watching you play together and know that you will always be there for each other.

We are so lucky to have you Logie Bear. Love Mumma Bear xxox

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