Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Look At This - Liberty of London Corner Store Display - Liberty Foxes Unite!

Photo by Corner Store
Check out the new Liberty of London window display at Corner Store. Isn't it magical?

So much effort has gone into covering the 'animals' in fabric, and creating a colourful forest. It looks innovative and exciting - I wish I'd been invited to the garland-making party!!! Give me a dacquiri and a pair of scissors and I'd be happy for hours!!  

Photo by Corner Store
The pictures look dark and mysterious and I think taking them at night (to eliminate day-time glare) was genius!!

The whole window display tells a story and I was captivated the minute I saw it. It's like I'm lost in the woods at night - freaking out because right there in front of me is 2 foxes (aaaargh!!!!). But alas, they're distracted by a delicious looking bunny rabbit. What do I do... Rescue bugs? Stare with awe at the garland canopy all night? Relax in one of those gorgeous chairs until the foxes come back? Or run for my life? 
Photo by Corner Store

I'm so impressed with the use of Liberty fabrics. I'm going to have a guess at the fabrics used. It's difficult to tell from the distance and darkness, but I think the left fox is covered in Clarricoates and I think the right is covered in one of the Hello Kitty prints Blue Karenkubo.

I'll just have to go in and have a closer look (wink!). Especially at that pillow on the right - it looks like one of my favourite prints, Angelica Garla?? I can't wait!!!

201-205 Stirling Highway
Claremont WA

Mon – Sat: 9:30am to 5:30pm
Sunday: CLOSED or by appointment
Email: claremont@cornerstore.net.au

* There are also showrooms in Mt Lawley and Fremantle. 

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