Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Liberty Fabric Colour Matching

I was jumping into all sorts of cyber rabbit holes this afternoon - looking at Liberty of London prints - and I stumbled upon Purl Bee - a fantastic and inspiring craft blog associated with the fabulous New York craft store Purl Soho. As a sidenote - I am SO jealous that mum gets to visit whilst in New York in October (sniff sniff)... but I'm excited to get presents :o).

There are so many great projects to see on Purl Bee, but I was especially thrilled to find more kindred spirits equally obssessed with Liberty fabrics and I spent hours trolling through their journal entries. 

I particularly love these "Swatch Portraits". It's quite a famous picture and it's no wonder why!
Picture from Purl Bee
What a fantastic concept and unique wall display! I have considered framing my favourite Liberty prints, but I can't hang anything on the walls in this house. And to be honest, I wouldn't be able to choose a favourite :o). My house would look like a framing shop with frames all over the walls! hah!

I also loved the Rolled Hem Handkerchiefs entry - not just because I love the gift idea, but more because I loved the colour matching. It inspired me to do some colour matching myself. There are so many prints in the Liberty of London repertoire and I get so lost in the different prints and colours that inspire me... And sometimes I have found that the fabrics I love are quite difficult to match - for our purposes of bags and accessories...

These are some Liberty of London fabrics that I think work really well together:

From left to right, the prints are Viola, Childhood Treasures (Mustard), Childhood Treasures (Navy), Beryl, Milliner, and Mawston Meadow - all on the Dust Flowers background.


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  1. Love this pic you put together! Just purchased childhood treasures in mustard and trying to figure out what goes well with it. After seeing this I am head over heels for the maws ton meadow...now I just have to find some! Thanks!