Thursday, 13 August 2015

Sew A Simple Liberty Keepsake Bunting || Rhapsody and Thread

Have you got precious fabrics? 
Just the tiniest pieces hidden away waiting for that special project?

Some of these Liberty scraps were the only pieces that I've ever had - as in they came that tiny in a scrap bag (sigh). Others were leftovers from projects and I wanted the memories. Others were favourite snippets of a print I loved - like the giraffe (wearing sneakers!!) pictured below, from Queue For The Zoo? Fave! and The Strawberry Thief birds!

All you need is your favourite scraps and a piece of bias tape in whatever colour and length you want. I didn't want my fabric to look flimsy so I ironed my scraps using Vleisofix to a piece of white voile. There are lots of other methods. Ironing to felt would work. Even just onto a stabiliser!

You can cut the fabric into whatever shapes you like.
Work out which order you'd like them to be in along the bias tape. 
Then, start by making a loop on the end, then sandwich your pieces one at a time, slowly feeding them through the sewing machine. When you're finished, make another loop at the end!

Precious Liberty scraps vleisofixed to white voile to brighten prints || Rhapsody and Thread

Cut into rectangles

There's no colour theme.
I just chose prints that I've been holding on to || Rhapsody and Thread

I lined the rectangles up in an order where different colours were spread out || Rhapsody and Thread

Then I sandwiched each rectangle inside a plain white bias tape.
Basic sewing skills required || Rhapsody and Thread

So simple

Make it as long as you like!

My favourite photo-bombers! || Rhapsody and Thread

Ratbag <3 || Rhapsody and Thread

I used the whole piece of bias tape - approx 3m wide || Rhapsody and Thread
Hanging above my desk || Rhapsody and Thread

If only my desk still looked this clean! || Rhapsody and Thread

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